Application Terms and Conditions

Last updated: May 10, 2023

This terms and conditions governs your use of the software application "TinyClerk" and "TinyClerkFree" (later referred as the/this "application") that was created by Open Soft Oy (Finland-based company).


Loss of data

Data created using the application may be lost. The software may have such an error that it loses data. Backups on the device may be lost. There may be an error in the software that makes the backups inoperable. Always make sure you have backups outside of your device as well. The supplier is not responsible if the data created with the application is lost.

Repairing and updating the software

The supplier does not undertake to repair or update the application. Even in such a situation that you report a program error to the supplier, the supplier is not responsible for fixing the application.

Changing the software

The supplier has the right to change or remove the functions of the application at any time. The supplier has no obligation to inform you of the changes in advance.

Accounting regulations

The user is solely responsible for anything and everything related to compliance with accounting, tax and other related laws. The supplier is not responsible if the application has any feature that does not correspond to the legislation of the user's country.

Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the supplier is free from all liability regarding damage resulting from the use of the application or the user's inability to use the application or unauthorized access to the customer's data, interruptions, changes, destruction or deletion of this data. In addition, the supplier is not responsible under any circumstances for indirect damages, such as loss of income or fine by the authority.


The supplier disclaims any direct or indirect warranty related to the application. The application is offered as is and without any guarantees, at the customer's own risk.

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