The phrases in this view are in the current language chosen in the Settings. You cannot change the current language here, you must change it in the Settings.

The native language of the application is English. The shipped translations of the application are generated automatically with Google Translate. They are probably not very good. You may also disagree with some English terms. Your preferred language may be missing altogether. To mitigate this matter, you can correct the translation (English also) or make a new one with this view.

The list of terms is in the list view. There is a check-mark at the beginning, if the term is changed by you. The current term is colored in red and is in the detail view. In the detail view the term is in English and in the current language and there is a control in which you can write the correct form in the current language. If the current language is English there is two English terms on top of each other.

With the triangle shaped arrow you can drop your correction to the list. With the check-control you save your modifications and with the cancel-symbol you can cancel them.

If your preferred language is missing from the language list in the Settings, you can translate it yourself by choosing the language code xx from the Settings. This is originally a copy of the English phrases. You can translate it to any language you prefer and use it as the current language in the future.

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