The application is available for

Usage across platforms

The data can be shared across platforms by copying the database. If you want to use the same data in Windows and Android, the best way is to always backup your data to the cloud when you stop editing it. With the other device you would do the restore from cloud to get the latest data.

The Windows-version notices the newer cloud backup automatically and asks you if you want to restore it. The Android-version does not notice the newer backup, so you have to do the restore from cloud manually.

The settings are not restored across platforms, so you have to keep the settings synchronized manually.

Encryption across platforms

At the time this help is written the sharing of encrypted database is working. However this cannot be guaranteed in the future. This feature is developed with trial and error and it is very prone to changes. If the feature breaks in some future time, you just have to share the database in plain text form.

Differences across platforms

There are obvious differences in the UI but the look and feel is similar. Android is native and optimized for touch. Windows is also native and optimized for keyboard and mouse.

The icons are different, but the functions are the same. There are big differences in Android and Windows how they interact outside the application. All the functions that print, import and export are different.