TinyClerk is a bookkeeping application. It is designed to an entrepreneur, consultant, free-lancer, small-business owner who wants to do her/his own bookkeeping. TinyClerk is just bookkeeping. It does not include invoicing, purchase ledger, sales ledger or other company processes.

Safe off-line app

TinyClerk is a single user application. The entire application is installed on the device. The application does not include server functions. The application does not collect any data or have ads and cannot leak data if the device is kept safe. The application has an embedded easy to use backup/restore design.

Multiple devices

TinyClerk can be used on multiple devices. The database can be transferred from one device to another using a cloud service like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. On cloud the data can be encrypted. TinyClerk can be used in Windows and Android.

Multiple companies

The application can have multiple companies and each company can have multiple fiscal years.

Learn by example

The application comes with an example company with two financial years. The example makes it easy to learn how to use the application.

TinyClerk is a very simplified implementation of double-entry bookkeeping. The data model is plain. It is easy to understand. If you know how to do accounting on paper, you can certainly do it with TinyClerk as well.


There are some basic settings to fill in and you have to set up your chart of accounts. After that you start to record you vouchers and entries.

Following prints are obtained from the stored data: Chart of accounts, Journal, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement. The Balance Sheet and Income Statement requires that the chart of accounts is in the format supporting these reports. From the View-version of Journal and Ledger you can jump to the Voucher. From the View-version of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement you can open an applied Ledger from a suitable row. For each data set there are import and export functions. For each report there are versatile output and archive options.

Backup is automated and it supports the use of a cloud service.


The original language of the application is English. Other languages have been translated automatically. They probably have lots of shortcomings. You can select the application language from the application settings to differ from the device installation language. You can change the mistranslated term from Maintenance / Translation.


Help is displayed off-line through the browser. It is only in English. You can translate the help page with the browser translation support.

User Interface

In Android the user interface is native. In Windows the user interface is implemented thru a browser. The browser communicates with the application locally. There is no server involved. It is not possible to communicate with the application over Internet.


The application is designed on the premise that the entrepreneur is able to save the material himself, so the material is assumed to be quite reasonable in size: less than 10,000 vouchers per financial year. The app is best suited for an entrepreneur whose material is a few hundred vouchers per fiscal year. The only number limitation of the application is that there can be only one simultaneous user.

These are the technical restrictions:


There is a separate application for trial: TinyClerkFree. It has the following restrictions:

If you have set your data over these limits with the full version, you cannot start it with the free version anymore.


This is the full application. There are no restrictions. You can restore the database from the TinyClerkFree. Licensing follows the platform rules. You can use your database across platforms (Windows <-> Android). There is no extra cost after the purchasement.